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стабильно. почему так всегда происходит? непонятно.

я просто ненавижу его за то, в какое дерьмо он превратился, изначально пытаясь стать лучше.

вот так и теряют друзей. вот так и теряю их я.

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No Light, No Light

by Florence And The Machine

You are the hole in my head
You are the space in my bed
You are the silence in between
What I thought and what I said

You are the night-time fear
You are the morning when it's clear
When it's over your start

You're my head
You're my heart

Through the crowded islands
Crying out at me
In your place there were a thousand other faces

I will disappear in plain sight
Heaven help me
I need to make it right

You are the revelation
You are to get it right
And it's a conversation
I just can't have tonight

No light, no light in your bright blue eyes
I never knew daylight could be so violent
A revelation in the light of day
You can choose what stays and what fades away

And I'd do anything to make you stay.
No light, no light
No light
Tell me what you want me to say

очередной шедевр от Флоренс

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Даррен, милаш

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Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers

It's all I wanna do.
So won't you
I'm standing here with you.
Why won't you move?
I'll get inside your groove.
Cuz I'm on fire, fire, fire, fire

I know you find it hard,
But, baby, breathe.
Lying next to me
It's all you need.
And i'll take you there,
I'll take you higher, higher, higher, higher

All the lovers,
That have gone before,
They don't compare to you.
Don't be running,
Just give me a little bit more.
They don't compare,
All the lovers

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Christa Theret


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Криста Тере

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Все меняется. Это не означает, что становится лучше.
Но ты сама должна улучшить все.

Ты не можешь просто продолжать говорить и надеяться на лучшее.

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fuck yeah

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